外贸函电范文 篇1

I would like to confirm our appointment to discuss the possibility of merging our distribution networks. I am excited of the prospect ofexpanding our trade. As agreed, We will meet of our office in bond street at Monday 20 March. I have scheduled the whole day for the meeting. If for any reason you are unable to attend , please phone me so that we can make alternative arrangements. Please let me know if you would like our office to arrange hotel accommodation. I look forward with great pleasure to our meeting.

外贸函电范文 篇2

Dear Sir or Madam:

This is regarding our quotation dated 2 November, and our mail offer dated 8 November concerning the supply of widgets(小机具).We are prepared to keep our offer open until the end of this month.

For your information, the market is firm and growing. There is very little likelihood of any significant change in the visible future. As this product is in great demand and the supply is limited, to secure your order, we would recommend that you accept this offer without delay.

Yours sincerely,


外贸函电范文 篇3

We enclose our new catalogue and price list. The revised prices will apply from 1 April 1997. You will see that there have been number of changes in our product range. A number of improved models have been introduced. Out range of washing machines has been completely revamped. Many popular lines, however, have been retained unchanged. You will be aware that inflation is affecting industry as a whole .Ws have been affected like everyone else and some price increases havebeen unavoidable. We have not, however, increased our prices across the board, In many cases, there is a small price increase, but in others, none at all. We can assure you that the quality of our consumer durables has been maintained at a high standard and that our service will continueto be first class. We look forward to receiving your orders.

谨谢上新的商品目录和价格表。修订价格定于1997年4月1日起生效。产品系列有一大革新,增加了不少改良的型号,扒出一系列新款的洗衣机,但许多款的开动号仍保持不变。通货膨胀影响整个工业连带令货品价格上涨。虽然如此,本公司并未全面提升价格,调整幅度亦不大。 本公司坚守一贯信念,务求出产优质之耐用消费品,迎合顾客的需要。 谢谢贵公司多年惠顾,盼继续合作。

外贸函电范文 篇4

We understand from our trade contacts that your company has reestablished itself in Beirut and is once again trading successfully in your region. We would like to extend our congratulations and offer our very best wishes for your continued success. Before the war in Lebanon , our companies were involved in a large volume of trade in our textiles. We see from our records that you were among our best tem customers. We very much hope that we can resume our mutually beneficial relationship now that peace has returned to Lebanon. Since we last traded, our lines have changed beyond recognition. While they reflect e have drawn up a draft agreement that is enclosed. Please examine the detailed current European taste in fabrics, some of our designs are specifically targeted at the Middle Eastern market. As an initial step , I enclose our illustrated catalogue for your perusal. Should you wish to receive samples for closer inspection, we will be very happy to forward them. We look forward to hearing from you.

从同行中获悉贵公司贝鲁特复业,生意发展迅速。得闻喜讯,不胜欢欣。谨祝业务蒸蒸日上。 黎巴嫩战事发生前双方曾有多宗纺织品交易;贵公司更是本公司十大客户之一。现今战事平息,亟盼能重展双方互惠的业务联系。 自上次合作至令,产品款式变化极大。除了有迎合欧洲人口味的款式这外,亦有专门为中东市场而设计的产品。现奉上配有插图的商品目录供 初步参考。职需查看样本,还望赐知。

外贸函电范文 篇5

Thank you for your letter of 2 November. We are delighted to hear that you are to pleased with the refurbishment of your hotel. As your know .in our line of work, we depend on good ,reports about our projects to win further business. Our clients always shop around and look for references before committing themselves. With your permission, we would like to use your hotel as a reference when we discuss similar refurbishments in the hotel industry . Would you agree to our suggesting that future clients should call you? It would also be most helpful if we could occasionally bring a client to look at your hotel . We would , of course , stay overnight at call you next week to hear your reaction. Thanks again for you kind words.


外贸函电范文 篇6

Gentlemen: Sep. 1, 2001

We are sorry to report that in spite of our effort, we are unable to guarantee shipment by the agreed date due to a strike at our factory. We are afraid that your L/C will be expire before shipment. Therefore, please explain our situation to your customers and secure their consent to extend the L/C to .


外贸函电范文 篇7

摘 要:外贸函电是指在国际贸易中涉外企业和人员之间相互往来的各种英文信件。在外贸函电中,会经常使用长句来表达复杂的意义。翻译外贸函电长句应以准确通顺为原则,在准确地理解原文的基础上,按照汉语的特点和表达方式,正确地译出原文。外贸函电长句的翻译方法主要有顺序法、逆序法、分译法和综合法:顺序法是按原文顺序译出;逆序法是反原文顺序译出;分译法是把原文按意群切分后在译出;综合法是打破原文结构,以译语重新表达。

关键词:外贸函电 长句 翻译 翻译方法



1 外贸函电长句的翻译方法




There is such a demand for the goods and we have none of this particular make in stock at the moment, that we cannont effect shipment within the time you specified.

该句首先是一个such……that 结果状语从句,全句总共有三个短句,可以按照原文顺序一一译出。




Thank you for your quotation for bicycle, but we regret that we have to place our order elsewhere as your prices are too high for this market.





You should establish the covering L/C before June 10 || according to the stipulation of S/^o. 318, || we regret to remind you || that your L/C does not arrive up to the date || in spite of our repeated reminders.





Would you please claim on our behalf against the ship owners who are evidently responsible for this loss?

此句中,因为有从句的关系,on our behalf ^入到claim against之间,再加上限定性定语从句,以及从句中表达观点的evidently,使得全句按原文顺序很难译出,因此可以先把原文位于句子中部的evidently提至句首,再把who引导的定语从句改为一个表示原因的分句,而would you please则按其功能译为“请”,整句由原来的疑问句变为汉语的陈述句,即打破了原文的结构,按内在逻辑关系以译语重新组织。


2 结语



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外贸函电范文 篇8

外贸函电范文汇总 外贸函电书写基本原则

一、Courtesy 礼貌



We have received with many thanks your letter of 20 May, and we take the pleasure of sending you our latest catalog. We wish to draw your attention to a special offer which we have made in it.

You will be particularly interested in a special offer on page 5 of the latest catalog enclosed, which you requested in your letter of 20 May.

二、Consideration 体谅

写信时要处处从对方的角度去考虑有什么需求,而不是从自身出发,语气上更尊重对方。 例如:

“You earn 2 percent discount when you pay cash. We will send you the brochure next month. ”就比 “We allow 2 percent discount for cash payment. We won\'t be able to send you the brochure this month.” 要好。

外贸函电范文 篇9

Dear Sirs: June 24, 2001

Thank you for your letter of June 18 enclosing details of your terms. According to your request for opening an irrevocable L/C, we have instructed the Beijing City Commercial Bank to open a credit for US$ 50,000 in your favor, valid until Sep. 20. Please advise us by fax when the order has been executed.


外贸函电范文 篇10

Schubert strasse 16, K-2618, Hamburg, Germany

Telefon: 1 41 61 00 00 Telefax: 0 41 61 00 01

2 April 200#

Ms Ni Minzhi

3W Co. Ltd.

3B Guihua Road

Shanghai 200233


Dear Ms Ni,

Order No. 9953

Thank you for your order which has been completed and is being sent to your today.

As agreed we have forwarded our bill, No, 2782 for with the documents to your bank , Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Caohejing Branch, Shanghai. The Draft has been made out for payment 30 days after sight, and the documents will be handed to you on acceptance.

Yours sincerely

H. Koppermann

Managing Director